Industrial Machinery Power Supply Manufacturing and Switch Board Assembly

SK Electric is an established supplier of choice for well-known international manufacturers, delivering small and large components as well as complete modules and systems while maintaining a competitive edge through the steady innovation of new products.

For more than 20 years, we have been at the forefront of the transformer industry and the main manufacturer in the Chinese market.

Our team of almost 100 highly qualified engineers is dedicated to product development, innovation (R&D) and quality control and testing. Each step of the development process conforms to international standards as well as our scientific management system and strict quality assurance protocol, ensuring maximum reliability and efficiency for our products.

We are highly experienced in both the manufacture of transformers for plastic injection moulding machinery switch boards and the assembly of switch boards and can offer tailor-made manufacturing to suit customers’ specific requirements using anti-surge, high pressure endurance, low noise, low leakage, low temperature rise technologies and environmental-friendly design.

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