High Voltage and High Frequency Transformers

Our HV-HF transformers are specifically designed for any Non Destructive Testing (NDT) purpose, including medical and industrial imaging and testing, such as x-ray, radiography, fluoroscopy and CT scans.

At SK Electric we are equipped to design and manufacture HV-HF transformers with an output frequency up to 200kHz and an output power up to 100kW. The design of HV-HF tank ensures isolation, safety and high efficiency.

During this year, we will expand our range of HT-HF transformers adding the following models: 50kW-100kHz,80kW-100kW then 100kHz-200kHz.

Due to our experience as an OEM supplier to medical industry, we developed a range of monoblock x-ray generators. The generator is the assembly of high voltage source and the X-ray tube into a single block. The range include the following models: 80KV-200uA, 110KV-80mA and 120-100mA.

Our products:

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