Transformers and Reactors

Our range of transformers can be used in any electrical driven equipment or  application (see below for details and some examples).

Of special note is our R-Core transformer range: 

SK Electric is the exclusive manufacturer of a globally patented, high-efficiency R-core transformer that ranges from 5VA to 50kVA and can be used in medical and audio control devices or any other electrical driven equipment.

Unlike most transformers, SK Electric’s R-core is formed with a closed ring bound in a variable-width electrical lamination. The result is a transformer with reduced heat loss and maximum possible efficiency.

To accurately produce the variable-width strip for the R-core transformer, SK Electric developed a unique automated cutting technique and set of equipment of which it is the sole patent holder.

Our products:

R-Core Transformer Range

SK Electric manufactures single or three phase isolated R-core transformers with an output power ranging from 5VA to 100kVA, in triangular or symmetrical structure and with an efficiency rate exceeding 97%.

Toroidal Transformer Range

The iron core of SK Electric SRT Toroidal transformers is circular and can more effectively reduce magnetic leakage generated around the edges during current transfer, resulting in improved performance. 

EI Type Transformer Range

Our SG Series transformers are for main power supplies for machinery such as welding machines, plastic injection moulding, automotive industry and construction machinery or any application that requires electrical mechanical changes.


SK Electric manufactures endurable AC reactors with a rated line voltage up to 500Vac and a rated current ranging from 40 to 600Aac and DC reactors with a rated line voltage up to 1,000Vdc max and a rated current ranging from 10 to 600Adc.

Printed Circuit Board Transformer Range

SK Electric manufactures a large variety of Printed Circuit Board transformers in various dimensions, with a power output ranging from 0.5VA to 50VA.

Download Product Datasheets: