Request for Quotation

We look forward to analysing the requirements of your specific project or product. If you require a proposal please download, complete and return the request for quotation template provided in Excel document format.

To ensure we receive all basic technical requirements, we appreciate it if you complete all questions and provide all relevant additional information. The template is prepared for your convenience but, in case you have any questions, please contact us at or on + 33 7 82 13 20 47 (Sergio Pires).

RFQ Submission Process

  1. Download our RFQ form
  2. Fully complete the form including project and contact details and technical specifications
  3. Return the form by email to or
  4. Our Sales and Engineering teams will review your request and our team may consult you for further details if required
  5. We will give feedback on your request as soon as possible and, depending on the complexity of the product, respond within ten working days at the latest
Download SK Electric RFQ Form

(.xls document, 0.8Mb)