X-Ray Sources

SK Electric’s X-Ray Source is a fully integrated x-ray generator designed for the use as source of x-ray imaging system for medical diagnosis or industrial NDT. The source is the assembly of high voltage source, x-ray tube and control electronics into a single block. The control electronics designed by SK provides excellent regulation of X-Ray tube current, along with outstanding stability performance.

Small size, RS232/USB/CAN/Ethernet port and 24/48VDC input voltage make integration on your system easy.

Our X-Ray Source are non-standard products tailor-made to the specific requirements of our clients. They are manufactured according to international quality standards and tested and certified by third party agents assigned by our clients.

Our X-Ray Sources:

X-Ray Source


Input Voltage: 24/48VDC

Output Voltage: 0-80kV

Output Current: 0-500uA

Voltage Accuracy: 1% ±1kV

Current Accuracy: 1% ±5uA

Voltage Overshot: : 5%

Rise Time: 50ms

X-ray tube: Glass, 33um(IEC60336, NEMA), Cone Beam: 40°

Control Interface: USB, RS232, Ethernet, CAN