High Level Assembly

Our experienced team comprises 30 technicians and is capable of tackling highly complex and demanding projects that require specialist skills in mechanical design and assembly.

We are accustomed to the challenges of full compliance with client specifications and can typically assemble a 100% completed product. Our long history of medical manufacturing means we are particularly skilled in delivering precision devices in this field.

We frequently work under client supervision to deliver services in a transparent, fast and responsive manner. In supporting the development of a product it is common for us to send our engineers to work with the client’s R&D team for several months. At the production / assembly stage, it is equally common for clients to send their team to work with us.

Additionally, in our role as manufacturer, we can also source semi-finished products for assembly, working from a client’s preferred supplier list or, alternatively, from our own database.

By managing quality, streamlining costs and ensuring on-time delivery from suppliers, our dedicated purchasing team can deliver clients significant added value.

Case studies:

Manufacturing for a global leader in medical equipment


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