How We Ensure Quality

SK Electric pays great attention to consistency of the performance and reliability of its electrical products and dedicates considerable resources to quality control and compliance with the highest international industry standards, such as UL, ETL, TUV and FDA. We have extensive experience working with international testing agencies. 

In situations where accuracy is absolutely critical, such as the use of diagnostic medical equipment, precision manufacturing or availability of air conditioning in high speed trains in emergency cases, we understand that even the smallest imperfection can have serious consequences.

Quality is embedded in our production process and procedures, with our quality management process including:

  • Safety, Quality and Environmental Management 
  • Internal and external (international) training of managers, production supervisors, engineers and technicians
  • Supplier selection and periodical audits against stringent criteria
  • Integral incoming goods quality checks
  • Traceable warehouse management system 
  • Production process quality control
  • Quality check of performance and appearance of each all individual product produced
  • Safe and durable packaging before shipment, including drop and damage testing

With a quality control team comprising 50 people, of which 35 are dedicated to testing and inspection and 15 are quality engineers, process engineers and supervisors, we exercise full control over the quality of SK Electric products.

Our team of quality control managers supervises the workshop floor to ensure that technicians follow clear working instructions during production, maintain efficient and tidy workspaces and embed quality control in each stage of the manufacturing process.

We can accommodate client involvement in the approval process as part of our transparent, collaborative approach to business.

Quality Certifications and Awards

iso-9001 iso-14001 iso-18001 iso-13485