Railway, Road and Transportation

As a leading transformer manufacturer and holder of numerous transformer patents we provide power supply solutions for a wide variety of applications in transportation.

Our products, including transformers, rectifiers and inverters (AC and DC ) are widely used in railway electrification, while our emergency inverter is used to provide the auxiliary power supply in the ventilation system of trains for China’s recently developed high speed railway network.

A SK Electric reactor is also used on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau rail route to protect the circuit control device at the core of the train’s electrical systems, ensuring safe operation of the train in extreme weather conditions.

Our Products and Services for Railway and Transport Industry

  • Power Transformers
  • AC/DC Reactors

SK Advantages

With a talented, creative and experienced technical team in place alongside our dedicated R & D department, we are ideally positioned to offer a streamlined design process and the ability to develop and upgrade products to your specification and with maximum efficiency.

We have extensive testing facilities to ensure our products perform fully under extreme conditions as well as conforming to domestic and international standards, including:

  • TB/T 1680-2006,TB/T 2653-2003 
  • TB 1869-1990 TB/T 3159-2007
  • IEC 60076-4 2002 IEC 60076-6 2007
  • IEC 61378-2:2001