How We Design

With a wealth of mechatronic engineering experience and a team of over 50, electrical, mechanical, process and electronics engineers dedicated to innovation and product development, SK Electric offers clients a powerful combination of electrical and mechanical product engineering capabilities.

The product development process at SK Electric varies according to client requirements and can take up to one year (but can be as short as a few months). A typical process would run as follows:

  1. We assign a dedicated project team to cooperate with the client’s engineering teams and refine development, working and testing procedures.
  2. Based on the client’s functional requirements and technical specifications, SK Electric prepares initial design and drawings. We either use the client’s preferred suppliers or select from our own supplier database for components and parts. Supplier selection and quality control is paramount in achieving cost efficient and high quality power sub systems.
  3. We hold an initial meeting with the client resulting in confirmed drawings, technical and functional specifications and a timeline. Quality standards, working instructions and test procedures are defined.
  4. SK Electric manufactures prototypes for testing by the client, SK Electric and/or agents such as UL, TUV or ETL. During the production of prototypes we keep a production log that is fully accessible to clients and includes design revision requirements and drawings.
  5. Evaluation and review prototype testing is conducted.
  6. We finalise designs, working instructions and test procedures for manufacturing of actual power sub system and assembly of cabinets. Production documentation is submitted to the client for approval.
  7. Production of actual power sub system and assembly of cabinets begins with the continued involvement of the project team.
  8. The project closing meeting is held to evaluate the product development process and identify potential future innovations toward even higher efficiency and lower cost solutions.

Through constant cooperation and communication with our clients, we are able to deliver optimum efficiency and structural design for products while observing strict quality procedures and intellectual property protection for our clients.

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