Solar and New Energy

SK Electric’s rich experience in the alternative energy industry extends across solar energy, wind energy and other new energy fields as part of a story of innovation and patent development that marks a considerable contribution to the world in the field of energy saving and emission reduction.

We produce highly advanced power components up to 200kVA that are used widely in the solar energy industry chain and are well placed to assist clients in the development of new products that meet international safety standards and are highly reliable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Our Products and Services for Solar and New Energy Industry

  • Power Transformers
  • AC/DC Reactors

SK Advantages

Our team of almost 100 highly qualified engineers is dedicated to product development, innovation (R&D) and quality control and testing. Each step of the development process conforms to international standards as well as our scientific management system and strict quality assurance protocol, ensuring maximum reliability and efficiency for our products.

By dedicating ourselves to providing technical support and efficient product solutions for customers we have developed a track record of delivering innovative products that maintains our position at the frontier of the industry.

Quality system

We follow strict quality assurance procedures and our products meet the following standards:

  • GB 19212.1-2008 
  • EC 61558-1:2005