A Message From Our CEO

SK Electric components deliver assured reliability, consistency and efficiency for millions of electronic devices worldwide.

Our inverters, transformers and power distribution units are at the heart of life-giving medical equipment, keep transportation technology moving and provide dependable consistency for both state-of-the-art industrial machinery and consumer electronics.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a leading manufacturer, we have a unique understanding of electrical design, testing and production. This has enabled us to become a trusted producer for leading European and US companies, receiving ‘best supplier’ awards on multiple occasions. In April of 2014, GE Healthcare named us ‘Supplier of The Year’.

Our success is due not only to technical expertise, but arises also from the way we view our clients as collaborative partners. From the initial design stages our engineers work together with a client’s research and development team to create solutions that satisfy specific technical requirements.

We have an overall team of more than 600 staff and multiple production and R&D sites with up to 100 highly educated and skilled engineers at our clients’ service in our Product Development and our Quality Control teams. All products we deliver meet international quality and safety standards and are individually tested on all relevant functions with full reports provided to clients.

As our team works to understand your business, market environments and strategies we are able to develop a long term relationship that targets the shortest time-to-market and the increased efficiency, reliability and cost competitiveness of end products.

I feel great pride in our team and optimism for our future and, in partnership with you, our mission is to deliver efficiency, consistency and success through innovation.

Do not hesitate to contact us to start talking about how we can work together. 

Lin Feng, Managing Director

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