Power Distribution Units

At SK Electric we are equipped to design and assembly PDUs up to an output power of 200kVA, with protection class IP45 or IP00.

SK Electric prides itself on its expertise in the design and manufacture of PDUs for non- destructive testing equipment in addition to various other industry applications. Our PDU are often seen in CT, X-ray modalities mobile surgery diagnosis equipment used around the world by many of the worlds global leaders in their field.

This is enabled by combining two strands of our extensive experience. Firstly, our long history of manufacturing transformers with high efficiency, minimum levels of heat loss, vibration and noise and, secondly, our mechanical experience in the development of efficient designs with minimum footprint.

Secondly, We manufacture printed circuit boards and produce cables and harnessing in-house and manage our own metal sheet processing as well as a painting line. This enables us to control quality, on time delivery and cost with maximum efficiency.

Our PDUs are non-standard products tailor-made to the specific requirements of our clients. They are manufactured according to international quality standards and tested and certified by third party agents assigned by our clients.

Our Power Distribution Units for X-ray Application:

  • Power Distribution Unit
  • Power Distribution Unit
  • Power Distribution Unit