Consumer Electronics Power Supply Manufacturing

SK Electric is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of fully safety compliant R Core transformers with a power range of 5VA to 50kVA. Our products are widely used by world-class electronics manufacturers, with many choosing our transformers for audio visual equipment such as amplifiers and tuners.

As an industry leader with a focus on unique design and creativity, we have a long history of research and development in the consumer electronics industry. Our typical approach includes providing technical advice and participating with clients in the early stages of design in order to optimize solutions, reduce project costs, and improve the overall quality of our customer service.

We hold various transformer patents and, in addition to our professional customer service team, can offer optimized supplier chain management and flexible coordination in production.

Quality system
We follow strict quality assurance procedures and hold the following qualifications:

  • GB 8898-2011
  • IEC 60065:2005

Our consumer electronics manufacturing services:

Our consumer electronics products